Crazy Quilts – Currently SOLD OUT

These Cabinets were such a hit WE ARE OUT of all styles and sizes.  The crazy quilts are on an open order with the plant, meaning when they have the resources and time to built them they will.  If you are interested in crazy quilts please keep an eye out on our Facebook page.  When we do receive them they will be posted there!!

These are frameless cabinets, made from materials from the production line at Huntwood.  They are made of mismatched materials which is why they are called crazy quilts and priced the way they are.  These are a non-stock item and we have limited stock.  We are unable to order these cabinets, so if you are in need of them please call to inquire about availability.

tallsCrazy Quilt Talls

Talls are available in 3 sizes, and include adjustable shelves(center shelf is fixed).                                                       25 x 90 x 14 – $59

25 x 84 x 14 – $55

21 x 84 x 14 – $49

Wall Cab 4

Crazy quilt walls

Wall cabinets are built with adjustable shelves and are 21 x 30 x 12.  These are great cabinets for hanging on the wall of a shop or garage for storage.




21  x 12 x 12





Crazy Quilt 3Cubes

12 x 12 x 12


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