Bargain Hunt Carries over 100 new, in-stock vanities, ranging in size form 24″ to 72″ with a broad selection of colors & door styles. These vanities are built with hardwoods including oak, beech, maple, hickory, alder, walnut and mahogany. Optional rustic woods are available in maple and alder, adding great character to cabinet appearance.

Maple Wood Species

Maple wood specie is defined by its subtle and elegant grain patterns. It is an exceptionally hard wood specie with a closed pores. Maple’s general coloration ranges from a yellowish-white to a light tan shade. Mineral streaks are commonly found in this wood species. Maple is generally responsive to light and therefore has a tendency to change color over time, usually to a light shade of yellow.


Hickory Wood Species

Hickory is a particularly strong hardwood whose grain pattern varies from “open” to “closed.”It varies wildly in color – ranging from a blond hue to a dark brown, with mineral streaks, knots and burls that emphasize the natural growth of the tree. Hickory is admired for its dramatic variations in color and grain patterns. Due to its nature, the characteristics that define Hickory occur randomly throughout the wood, and therefore some characteristics may appear relatively bland/clear, while other characteristics may be seen quite prominently.


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