Kitchen Cabinets in Stock

Bargain Hunt stocks 2 lines of kitchen cabinets.
All cabinets include standard hinges and drawer guides.  All wall cabinets are 30″ tall.  Cabinets are available in 3″ increments from 9 to 36 inch.  Drawer boxes are dovetailed with under mount guides and made from hardwood.
Hickory Shaker Natural Kitchen Cabinets

Hickory is a particularly strong hardwood whose grain pattern varies from “open” to “closed.”It varies wildly in color – ranging from a blond hue to a dark brown, with mineral streaks, knots and burls that emphasize the natural growth of the tree. Hickory is admired for its dramatic variations in color and grain patterns. Due to its nature, the characteristics that define Hickory occur randomly throughout the wood, and therefore some characteristics may appear relatively bland/clear, while other characteristics may be seen quite prominently.



European Beech Shaker Kodiak

European Beech is a versatile hardwood, displaying much of the durability of oak with a more subdued grain pattern similar to maple. Its overall coloration will vary from a light tan to mid-tone brown with occasional streaks of dark brown heartwood.  The varied grain density of this wood species can react adversely to some mid-tone stain colors. Such a reaction can display heavy grain “ticking” in a concentrated area and then show a virtual absence of grain in another location. This natural condition can result in a pronounced color variation. European Beech is a great choice for those who want a species between Oak and Maple.



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